Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gradients! (Nail Fail?)

     Good afternoon all! Welcome to yet another installment of my amateur nail art! This weekend I realized that I hadn't done a gradient mani in a while. I've always loved doing them but it always got a bit too messy for my liking (also why I never do water marbles).

     For my gradient I used a glow in the dark polish from the Born Pretty Store in shade 11, CG Ghoulish Glow, CG Alpine Snow, and CG Fairy Dust.

    Now, may I add, that this may be one of the worst gradients I have ever done. Practice surely does make perfect and I have not been doing very much of it. 
     Although two of the polishes I've used are glow in the dark, I unfortunately was unable to photograph it. Using the camera on my phone probably isn't the best for photographing nails, its all I have to work with for the time being, and all the much harder to photograph anything glowing in the dark. 
     Overall, I do love the glow on these two polishes, but I was disappointed at how poorly I did the gradient. So this mani I will consider a nail fail. 

     If you are interested in buying these products, China Glaze may be purchased online on various websites and in stores like Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply. You may purchase Born Pretty Store glow in the dark polishes in their online store here
    If you do purchase from the Born Pretty Store, use this coupon code upon checkout

     Have a lovely day ladies!

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