Monday, November 4, 2013

Little Bit of Nail Art

     So I've recently started my first semester of college and it's been putting me behind on being able to do my nails a lot. I used to do my nails about once a day but now I'm lucky if I have time three times a week. I've been trying to adjust to driving 40 minutes to and from school and managing time between school work and social life and a bunch of other things. It seems as though I've gotten into the swing of things and I'm starting to get back on track.
     I've never been a "nail artist" but I really fell off with my nail techniques and I've been trying to practice and get better. So bear with me as I try to get this blog together. Hopefully soon I'll be posting regularly :)

     On to the fun stuff! I managed to squeeze in some time for some nail art yesterday afternoon.

I used two coats of Sinful Colors "Sweet Tooth" for the purple, one coat of Maybelline Color Show "Bold Gold" on my ring finger and thumb which I covered with two coats of Funky Fingers "Fool's Gold." I used the Funky Fingers polish for the dots in my cheetah print as well. The black polish was unnamed. The rhinestones I used I ordered from Amazon for $1.48. I topped everything off with two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry topcoat.

     My image quality isn't that great right now because I've been using my phone. I'm hoping to get a camera soon. Also as it is getting colder in Connecticut, my skin has been getting drier. You can see especially on my middle finger that my cuticles are suffering. I've been drenching them in lotion and cuticle oil so hopefully soon I'll be looking better.

     Until next time, Ladies!

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