Monday, December 30, 2013

Chocolate Vanity Nail Stickers

     Hey there ladies! Today I will be sharing a first with you: my first time using nail polish stickers. Actually, this was my first time since my first time. You see, the first time I got nail polish stickers I had acrylic nails and the sticker wouldn't adhere correctly, plus I had no idea what the hell I was doing so it got pretty ugly. After that I shied away from using them and stuck to just regular ol' nail polish.
     Not too far back I won a giveaway and a company called Chocolate Vanity provided some of the prizes. Originally, I was only supposed to get two stamping plates, but these guys loaded up the package and surprised me with a bunch of nail polish stickers and decals and all sorts of goodies. I figured it was about time to get past my bad experience with nail polish strips and test these bad boys out. 

     I had a couple bad breaks on my right hand so I knew I wouldn't be photographing it, so that's where I started applying these stickers. I didn't use a base coat because the directions advised to use a clean nail, I'm not sure if that's really how you should do it since I'm a complete idiot when it comes to these. The first nail came out pretty atrocious, I will not lie to you. But I got a sort of technique down by the time I got to my left hand. 

     Not too shabby, eh? If my nails were longer this would be way cooler design-wise. The adhesive on the bottom of the strip was sticky but not too sticky where you couldn't re-position the sticker.

     I got a little aggravated because the strips were a little too wide for a few of my nails but as these are nail polish strips, that issue was easily fixed with a little acetone and a clean up brush. 

     Overall, these things were pretty neat. As you can see, even a novice like me could apply them and they didn't look half bad. I really have no complaints except for the fact that there was so much yellow in the design (really not a complaint, I just hate yellow lol). What did you guys think of these? Have you tried any of Chocolate Vanity's products, if so what did you think of them?

     If your interested in Chocolate Vanity products:

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