Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mariah Carey Holiday Mini Sets (Part 2)

     Hey ladies! Today I have for you the second installment of my giveaway prize that I received from Kat Stays Polished. I have swatches of the last three polishes I got: Emotions, It's Frosty Outside, and Kiss Me at Midnight.
     You can see my first post here to see the first three polishes.

     Excuse the quality of my photos, I'm currently using the camera on my phone and it does not create the best looking photos.


In each picture there is two coats of OPI Emotions with
no top coat
"This dramatic sparkling coal has got me feeling fine"

     OPI Emotions is a textured black matte with shiny black hexes. I was originally excited for this color after seeing the preview, but upon opening the bottle the polish just looked lumpy. I wasn't sure if it would smooth out over the nail and I was surprised to not see any glitter. Little did I know about the gorgeous matte finish and shiny hexes! Unfortunately this polish kind of sucked to apply, and I was kind of disappointed. The brush looked lumpy because it was too full of glitter and wouldn't give it up, so that made application kind of rough. The polish didn't spread very easily and it was overall just a huge hassle. It was opaque in two coats and cleaning up around the edges was a nightmare. The black glitter was very noticeable even when just a hair out of place from the rest of the polish. And removing that stray glitter took forever. I eventually gave up and I'm sure you can see that in the above pictures. I'm still debating whether or not this polish is worth the trouble. 

It's Frosty Outside


In each picture there are two coats of OPI It's Frosty Outsde
without top coat
"This frosted silver is so icy it's hot"

     This polish is so super sparkly! In the time I had it on, I couldn't stop staring at it. Like most of the others, it was made up of a fine glitter with matching small hexes. The hexes are really what make this polish. They're what catch the light and make it super sparkly. Application was smooth and spread easily and was opaque in two coats. Surprisingly, it wasn't too much of a pain to clean up in comparison to the other polishes in these two sets.

Kiss Me at Midnight

In each picture there are two coats of OPI Kiss Me at Midnight
without top coat
 "It's time to fall in love with this frosted ice blue"

     This is absolutely my favorite out of all six polishes I got. It has a blue base with fine silver glitter and silver hexes. It's just.. so.. sparkly! I already have a soft spot for blue polishes and the silver sparkle in it just put me over the edge. The application was okay as it wouldn't spread easily unless there was an obnoxious amount of polish on the brush. It was opaque in two coats and cleanup wasn't too terrible. 

     Final thoughts on this set? These were all gorgeous colors and I would definitely wear these year round, not only during the holiday season. Final thoughts on all six polishes? Glitter is certainly my weakness so I love all of these polishes despite application and cleanup issues or lying previews. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who needs some sparkle in their life. 

    I want to hear back from you guys, what did you guys think of these colors? Which one was your favorite? Do you own any of these?

    Until next time ladies!

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