Tuesday, December 31, 2013

OPI Nail Envy vs. Nail Tek II: The Third Week

     Hey ladies, today I have for you a comparison post. I'll be comparing two popular base coats: OPI Nail Envy and Nail Tek II.

     Also I'll be doing a little comparison of my new camera and iPhone camera as I took starting pictures before I got my new camera.

     Now for a little background...
     I've been struggling with my nails being weak for what seems like forever. I ended up getting acrylics in 2011 to try and solve that issue and had them for over a year. Once I took the acrylics off my nails were in some bad shape. Peeling, breaking, cracking, you name it my nails were suffering from it. I've finally had enough and wanted to try a base coat to help this. All over Instagram, ladies I follow would post about their miracle base coat OPI Nail Envy. But I met a nail technician who swore by Nail Tek II. I looked up both of the base coats and both appear do the same thing. So I set out to find out which works better.
     Both brands promise to make peeling and soft nails stronger. To test this out on my left hand I used only Nail Tek II as my base coat and on my right hand I only used Nail Envy.

OPI Nail Envy

The First Week

     Pictured above are my little nubs freshly trimmed right before my first coats of Nail Envy. As you can see they have deep ridges and they're pretty thin looking

The Third Week

      After three weeks without trimming my nails (I did file in the event of a break to smooth jagged edges) I noticed my nails grew quite a bit, much faster than they normally would on their own. Despite the cloudy appearance in the bottle, Nail Envy does go on clear. I had one break during the first week, and then two more during the second week. Keep in mind that this is my right hand and despite being left handed, I do just about everything with my right hand. My nails do feel stronger as they don't flex like paper any longer. The ridges in my nails before were very deep, as you could see in the previous pictures. Although Nail Envy did not correct my existing ridges, the new growth seems to have more shallow ridges. 

Nail Tek II

The First Week

     Above are the freshly trimmed nails on the left hand previous to getting their first coat of Nail Tek II. Like the right hand, the nails are very thin and have some serious ridges.

The Third Week

     Nail growth was about the same of that of Nail Envy. In the three weeks I only had one casualty and broke only my thumb nail, pretty lucky if you as me. Although the nails on this hand did not break as many times as my other hand, I feel like they feel weaker because they still flex a little more than the Nail Envy hand. The nails on this hand also look thinner than the nails on my right hand too. But the ridges on these nails in the new growth is nearly nonexistent.

  • They both go on clear
  • Both promote nail growth
  • Price: Nail Envy goes for about $17 per bottle while Nail Tek II goes for $10-$11
  • Strength: Nail Envy seemed to give me more strength than Nail Tek did 
  • Ridges: Both seem to get rid of ridges but Nail Tek seems to do it a little better
  • Smell: Nail Tek has a ghastly odor to it that catches me by surprise each time I use it
  • Shelf Life: Nail Tek is projected to have a shelf life of 12 months while Nail Envy is supposed to be good for 24 months
     So far, I'm not sure which I like better. I'm going to continue using both and comparing them and hopefully come to a more conclusive blog post for you guys. If you're thinking about buying one of these products and aren't sure which to use, consider the similarities and differences I mentioned and make a decision based on what is best for you. 

     You can purchase these products in store or online at stores such as Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta.

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