Friday, January 3, 2014

B Squared Lacquer - Iceberg

     Good evening ladies! How are you all in the North Eastern US enjoying the snow? I haven't left all day and I'm so happy about it. I hate when it's under 70 degrees, I have no idea why I'm still in Connecticut...
     Anyways, tonight I have for you a few swatches of a B Squared Lacquer polish. This one is called Iceberg and it's from the Christmas & New Years collection. I won this in a little giveaway on Instagram from Indie500nails right before Christmas.


     This is the perfect royal blue jelly that has holographic glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this polish you can find: fine and small squares, medium size hexes, and small, medium and large circle glitters. You can see this pretty well in this macro shot of the bottle.

     The first coat was very sheer, but since it's a jelly it builds up opacity as you add coats. I used three coats for it to get to this opacity.

     I got quite a variety of glitter sizes without having to go fishing for them. I just dipped my brush in and whatever was on the brush went onto my nail. The only thing I have to complain about is that the large round glitters don't like to lay flat, but that is easily solved with a generous layer or two of top coat. I only used one layer of Seche Vite. If you're looking for a smooth-as-glass look, I'd recommend two coats.

     Application was okay with this polish. I didn't have too many problems but I had a little issue with the polish dragging when I tried to go over it. It was a minor problem and was easily fixed. 

     Basically, everything I love in a polish is here in Iceberg. First of all, it's blue. It's packed with glitter (including my favorite glitter shape: circle), the glitter itself is holographic, and the polish is a jelly. Come on, what more can a girl ask for? I might actually be in love.

     B Squared Lacquer can be purchased in their online store for $8.50-$11


  1. This polish is fantastic! I'm also a sucker for blue jelly polishes. Check out WingDust "Pool-side Par-tay" and Chaos and Crocodiles "Evening Flurries"! BTW, I really like your blog! :)

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the suggestions too!