Friday, January 17, 2014

Nude Nails with Rose Accents

     Hey ladies! I've been getting ready for my next semester of college so I've been falling a little behind on posts, sorry about that. And I probably won't get into the swing of things for a few weeks once the semester starts, so try to bear with me. 
     Due to the great response I got to my rainbow gradient nail art I decided to do some more nail art. Granted, it is not nearly as intricate, but it's a little something different than my regular swatches. 

     The colors I used (from left to right) were OPI Sandy Hook Green, Covergirl Forever Fawn, Ruby Wing Groupie, and Ruby Wing Sweet Rose. Ruby Wing polishes change color in the sun, but of course I had this mani on a rainy day so I sadly was unable to photograph it. 

     For the base I used two coats of Forever Fawn. I should have done three so the nail line wouldn't be as noticeable. I used Groupie for the dark pink in the flowers and Sweet Rose to accent it. Sandy Hook Green was used for the leaves.

(Sorry the ring nail is a little out of focus, oops!!)
     I love doing flowers on my nails because it's so delicate and girly looking without it being too difficult.

     For the whole design I used dotting tools that I bought from the Born Pretty Store. If you're interested in buying anything from BPS, please feel free to use my 10% off discount code upon checkout.

     Until next time chickies! 

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