Sunday, January 5, 2014

piCture pOlish - Frosting

     Hey guys! Today I have for you a polish from piCture pOlish. It's called Frosting and is a collaboration polish with the blogger Cosmetic Cupcake. I've always coveted many of piCture pOlish's creations and I'm so happy to be able to have one of them. 


     Frosting is a very pale pink, almost white looking crelly with small silver, magenta, and purple hexes. After ordering this polish, I looked up some swatches and noticed there were little heart glitters. And to my surprise when the polish arrived, the heart glitters are actually holographic.

     The first coat went on very sheer and I was scared that I should have put a white base on first. Once I put the second coat on it became quite a bit more opaque. I added a third coat for full opacity and for what I photographed here. 

     I was a little disappointed by this polish for two reasons. First, I wasn't too impressed with the formula. It was pretty thick and goopy which was a little difficult to work with. Second, the pink crelly base hides the fact that the heart glitters are actually holographic. They just appear to look white or a matching pink color.Since I love just about everything holo, this was quite saddening.

     On the bright side, I got quite a few compliments while wearing this today, including "Wow! That looks like frosting!" Well, they were quite right, it is frosting ;)

     piCture pOlish can be purchased in their online store and through their stockists such as Overall Beauty

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