Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sssssexy Half Moons

     Hey ladies! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I started my semester this week so it's all been pretty hectic. Here's a catch up post on a mani I did earlier in the week.
     I recently saw a pin of a deep red mani with negative space half moons. I thought it was so cute and I totally wanted to try it.

     I used Essie Sssssexy for the red. This is one of their magnetic polishes that leaves a snakeskin effect in the polish. I almost never use the magnetic effect on this polish because I really love the way the color looks on its own. Also because whenever I try to use the magnet, I end up hitting it against my wet nail polish in my attempt to get the magnet close enough. 

     To make my half moons I used the circular reinforcement stickers for loose leaf paper. I've seen plenty of people do half moons with this method but I can never seem to achieve results I'm truly happy with. Mine never seem to come out as round as I would like. And the edges always end up a little sloppy and I have to go clean it up a bit with a brush and remover. Practice makes perfect I suppose!

     I used one medium coat of Essie Sssssexy and topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.

     What do you guys think of half moon manis? Do you guys use something that's better for achieving perfect half moons other than those reinforcement stickers?

     Until next time!

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