Monday, February 3, 2014

Ellagee Shirley Temple

     Hello ladies, today I have for you an indie polish from the maker Ellagee. It's name is Shirley Temple and is one of those nifty thermal polishes. Before this polish, I had not owned any thermal polishes so I was so excited to find out. 
     Shirley Temple is a very lovely pink color with a strong pink shimmer. It also has an array of holographic circle glitters.


     When warm, this polish becomes almost clear if not for the shimmer and glitters. Due to this, wearing white undies for this polish wouldn't be a bad idea if you don't care for showing your nail line. 


There's a very dramatic color change from clear to hot pink when this polish becomes cold. With two coats, the polish is pretty opaque and the nail line is barely visible. 


     The formula on this was fabulous as it was thin but wasn't streaky and is almost totally opaque (when cold) in two coats. The glitter payoff on this was great and I got a good amount of glitter in a variety of sizes without having to go fishing. I was very impressed by the color change and how dramatic it was.

     If you're interested in purchasing this polish or interested in other polishes by Ellagee, check out there website here. They have a great variety of polishes and some cute little nail polish themed accessories :)

     Have a lovely evening!

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