Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mini Color Club Haul : Jingle Jangle

     Hey ladies, this is the second installment of posts showing the three Color Club polishes I recently purchased. You can check out the first post here. Today I have for you Color Club Jingle Jangle.

Jingle Jangle

     Jingle Jangle is a predominantly blue glitter suspended in a clear base. It has a mix of lavender glitters and some holo glitters as well. 

    It was a pretty dense glitter so I used three coats on its own for it to be opaque. It was pretty easy to work with despite the thickness due to the densely packed glitter. 

     Please excuse the ugly skin around my nails, unfortunately I'm a skin biter :( But here you can see how opaque this came out to be. It's a little lumpy in places from the polish being so thick. 

     And here's a close up of the bottle. If you look close you can spot some of the holo glitters here that flash green and a more aqua blue than the other glitters. 

     Overall, I think this polish is pretty spectacular. It's just SO SPARKLY. I'm such a glitter junkie.

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