Friday, February 7, 2014

Mini Color Club Haul : Magic Attraction

     Hey ladies! Not too long ago I picked up three Color Club polishes from a discount store at the mall. I got all three for $4! Unfortunately, they didn't have any of the Halo Hues polishes so I went for the next best thing: glitter!

     The three colors I bought (L to R) are Jingle Jangle, Magic Attraction, and Holiday Splendor. I don't want to create a long blog post, so I'll be breaking up this mini haul into three separate posts.

Magic Attraction

     Magic Attraction is a silver glitter mixed with many holographic glitters suspended in a clear base. The holo effect was so hard to capture on camera, and on top of that, the immense glitter made my camera bug out so these pictures aren't as clear as I'd like, sorry about that.

     The glitter in this was pretty dense so I figured I'd use it on its own without putting another color underneath. I used three coats and it became pretty opaque. You can see a bit of the nail line if you look close, but in real life you're too blinded by the glitter to even see it. 

     I didn't have very many problems with this polish. It was easy to work with but it was a little on the thick side. As it is predominantly glitter, it's rough when it dries. But it is easily smoothed out with a generous heap of top coat.

     Soooo sparkly!!!

     And here's a macro shot of the bottle. You can kind of see the holographic glitters from this picture, but I promise you it's a million times better in person. 

     Overall, this is a great glitter. I can see it being very versatile as it can be worn on its own or over other colors too. What do you guys think of Magic Attraction? Does anyone else have this polish and love it too?

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