Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zoya Stevie

     Back in January Zoya had a promotion to get three free polishes, so of course I pounced on that opportunity. Today I have for you one of those polishes: Zoya Stevie.

     Stevie is one of Zoya's Pixie Dust polishes, which means it dries with a textured finish and does not require top coat. Stevie is lavender in color speckled with silver microglitters. 

     The first coat of Stevie went on very thin and I was scared that I would have to do three or more coats for it to be opaque. Delightfully, I only needed two. Application wasn't bad at all, it spread a little easier on the second coat than the first. 

     The formula was fabulous and I didn't really need to clean up because the polish stayed exactly where I wanted it to and did run. Dry time however seemed to take an eternity. From my experience, textured polishes dry pretty quick since you usually don't use top coat. But I nicked this mani and had to fix it so many times while I was waiting for it to dry its not even funny.
     I got tons of compliments on this polish for the time that I was wearing it. I kind of wish this purple was a little more neon, but overall it is quite gorgeous.

    You can purchase Zoya nail polish from the Zoya website or in beauty stores such as Ulta for about $10 per bottle.

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