Saturday, May 17, 2014

365 Days of Color Crazy in Love

     Hello ladies! Today I have for you a polish from 365 Days of Color called Crazy in Love. 

     **Note: Due to how pale my skin is and the color of the poilsh, the camera picked up my skin as more red than it actually is, however, the color of the polish is accurate.**

     Crazy in Love is a light pink almost white crelly. What makes this polish so unique is that rather than glitter, this polish has little foil bits. The shapes of the foil are irregular and come in purple, pink, and an aqua color. I had no problems with the foil laying flat except for on the ring finger that I pictured. 

     I had no issues with application at all. The polish went on very smooth and I had minimal streaking. The foil came out easily too and I did not have to fish around for it at all. This polish was a little on the sheer side and it required three coats for the opacity I achieved in these pictures. 

My skin  color looks really weird here, I apologize again!
     Another fun fact about this polish is that it's a thermal! However, I would have never known if I didn't look up other reviews on the polish first. The color change is so subtle I didn't even notice it. I even ran my hands under cold and hot water and really didn't notice much of a change. So I didn't bother to try to photograph it.

      Overall, I really liked this polish! Not just because it's a Beyonce song, but because of how obviously cute it is. Its pastel colored base and bright colored foil definitely makes it a spring-y type polish!

     You may purchase products from 365 Days of Color at their shop here!

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