Friday, May 16, 2014

Tribal Nails for #nailartmay

     As per usual, I've been slacking on my nail art challenge. I missed the past two or three themes, and I'm posting this a day late, but today I have for you Tribal nails for #nailartmay.

     This was my first attempt at ever doing tribal nails. This is also my first time working with a striper to achieve (what are supposed to be) straight lines. 

     Since this was my first time ever doing tribal nails I had absolutely no idea where to begin. I scanned instagram and pinterest and became inspired by a tribal design that the lovely Chalkboardnails did. Of course mine aren't as fabulous looking but it's a start.

     In regards to how I'm left handed and I photograph my left hand, I don't think this mani came out all that bad. I'll definitely need some more practice with a striper though.

      The colors I used for this mani are Covergirl Forever Fawn for the nude base, Funky Fingers 220 Volts for the blue, China Glaze Orange Knockout for the orange (duh), and an unnamed black polish I had laying around for the black details. 

      Tell me what you guys think about this mani and maybe give me a few hints or tricks for the striper! 
      Have a sunshiny day! :)

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