Wednesday, May 21, 2014

White Nails & Cheetah Print

     In case you couldn't tell by how soon it's been since my last cheetah mani, I love cheetah print! I also love doing cheetah print on my nails. It's a quick and pretty simple way to add some flair to your mani.

     This particular mani was inspired by a girl's nails I did this past weekend for a birthday party. She wanted me to paint them white and add cheetah print to them. When I finished I was like "whoa this is hecka cute!" so I had to do something similar!

     For this I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base and I used Kleancolor Barbie Pink, China Glaze Orange Knockout, and an unnamed neon orangey-yellow color for the cheetah print. 

    Snow Me White is definitely the best white polish I've tried so far. It's nearly opaque in just one coat! It doesn't drag, isn't goopy, and is self leveling. I love how long the white polish makes my nails look, and how tan it makes my skin look! Wearing just white polish has always been a favorite of mine once the weather starts getting warmer.

     I absolutely love how this came out! I definitely want to try this again with more colors at some other point. What did you guys think of it? 

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